Fabric shapes stretched taut between posts and/or anchor points in freeform configurations and playful arrangements

Membrane structures are an emerging architectural solution with rising popularity. Due to the myriad forms it can take, the unique shapes that result and the inherently modern aesthetic, they can be easily adapted to any environment, structure or building. It is a very appropriate solution to complement architectural and design needs.

The installations are lightweight and able to achieve longer spans with less structural support. All textiles used are water- and dirt-resistant and reflect solar radiation, thus easily work in any locale with minimal maintenance.

The sails are easily configured and can be finished smartly with crisp lines, or given a softer look. The multitude of available colours and textures make it a breeze to combine and coordinate with any materials.

Light and translucent materials lend themselves well to illumination, creating stunningly dramatic results.

All textiles recommended for membranes in the Materials section will work well with this product.

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