Shade fabric that slides along guide rails, to span across large areas such as rooftop terraces and porches.


A perfect solution for residential properties, this system is stylish, durable, versatile, easy to assemble and adaptable to different situations. It makes for easy adjustment for the preferred amount of natural


light to filter into the internal environment.

The system either extends up to 6 metres with projections up to 4 metres, or extends up to 5 metres with projections up to 6 metres.



Contemporary and sleek, this system is great for shading open spaces on terraces or large balconies. Its uncluttered, clean lines are pleasing to the eye and will not detract from views out.

The sophisticated and innovative Pergola is very easy to assemble, using bridle-like accessories that allow for adjustment during installation


until the whole structure is properly assembled.

Operated by a discrete motorised device embedded within the guide rails, the best feature about this system is the wide range of sizes that can be installed.

Pictures courtesy of Gaviota Simbac.

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