Awning options that look great when extended, and retract neatly when not in use, keeping you cool stylishly.

These awnings retract out of the way, allowing good weather to be enjoyed until rain or harsh sun threatens to spoil the day. These beautiful, French engineering feats combine great design and clever technology. Three types are offered to answer a wide range of needs, and can be installed onto buildings or onto freestanding frame structures.



Retractable fabric shelters are especially suited to the tropical environment and there is a wide assortment of sizes and projections to meet most outdoor applications. Available in a wide selection of colours, they can be installed as motorised or manually operated models.


Opened fully, the awnings provide shelter and define outdoor spaces for entertainment, relaxation or solitude. When retracted, they are designed to blend into the surrounding environment without disrupting the architectural design of building facades.



These stealthy awnings are clean-lined and disappear into casings with slim profiles. The elegant cassette design make them ideal for integration into modern architectural design.

In addition, the tightly sealed weather-proof enclosure protects the


fabric and jointed arms from rain and dirt, allowing for a longer product life.

Cassette awnings project out from 1.5 to 3.5 metres, can be motorised and automated, and the casings are available in a selection of colours.

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