Designed for use in vertical applications, these sleek shading options are very unobtrusive yet can still add flair to exterior facades


These roller-blinds on steroids feature side channels that keep the fabric perfectly in place, effectively keeping out the sun and rain as it is very wind-resistant.

Openings such as windows and glass curtain walls can be neatly fitted


without disrupting clean lines, thanks to an elegant housing for the roller tube. All profiles are aluminium with a powder-coated finish and allow a maximum installed size of 10 metres wide and 3.5 metres tall.



These adaptable shading devices are simple and functionally efficient. They fit any space as the fabric can be cut and stitched to exacting dimensions. They can be used indoors, combined with or in lieu of curtains,


and provide effective shade against the sunlight. Available in various materials, these roll-up screens are simple to maintain, pleasing to the eye and easily motorised and automated as needed.





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