Control the sun, wind and rain from the comfort of your current position, with the help of sleek emitters conversing with powerful yet quiet motors


We offer full home automation setups that work with the inbuilt receivers in tubular motors in installed items, with elegant emitters (remote controllers) that will make keeping cool and dry a breeze, and keep wiring to a minimum. Our offerings comes in two systems



The Italian-made Jolly emitters work with Jolly tubular motors with built-in receivers, over a 100-metre range. The system can be configured to control


an array of installed sun-shading devices individually or as a group. A clear magnetic clip-on holder helps keep the remotes easily accessible.



This Italian system of emitters and receivers has a full suite of homeautomation options. We carry a selection of their emitters from the Era Mini-Way series, and the NiceWay series.

The tiny radio transmitters in both series allow for precise control of automated sunscreens in combinations of up to 240 different units, with a long operating range of 35 metres indoors and up to 200 metres in open spaces. The function of direct control of groups, using specific keys, is easy to learn.

The Mindy TTradio receivers and control units are compatible with both Era and NiceWay series transmitters and able to store up to 30 transmitters in memory.

Each receiver has a programming button that enables fast programming. An LED indicator helps the user follow correct programming procedure, for example signalling when the set thresholds of the climatic sensor are exceeded.


This operates as a central control system capable of managing all home automation for shades. It has a built-in proximity reader of personalised transponder badges allowing for individual customisation.

Its remote control functions include up to 99 individual commands to various appliances, ten groups of commands to manage similar automations, scenarios to manage different automations and also integration with the alarm system.

The ERA system offers users total management. By using Nice TT2L or TT2D miniaturised control units and/or universal receivers, it can also control lights, irrigation, heating and cooling systems.

The device is designed for simple programming, configuration and control of the alarm system, with intuitive graphic display, built-in vocal guide and bi-directional technology.

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